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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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A.  Goals and Objectives (Continued)
Public Service Fellowships are intended:

o To provide access to graduate education in the public service areas
for 259 qualified minorities and women who otherwise might be unable
to obtain graduate level education;

o To increase the representation of minorities and women at the highest
levels of public service, especially at the State and local levels;

o To provide incentives to institutions of higher education to recruit
120 new students, maintain 130 continuation students, and graduate
100 minority and women students in high-quality public service pro-

Because no funds were appropriated for Mining Fellowships for FY 1984,
the goals and objectives for this program have not been established.

B.    Progress and Accomplishments

Graduate and Professional Opportunities Fellowships

o Grantees recruited 1015 minority students and women for fellowships
in the fields of study selected during the peer review process.

o More than 50 percent of fellowships were awarded in the physical
sciences, engineering, and life sciences.

o The program awarded $1,300,000 in fellowships to 15 historically
black colleges and universities in the FY 1984 competition.

Public Service Fellowships

o The program encouraged practical experiences and internships in
public administration positions as an integral part of the curriculum
for MPA programs.

o The composition of the students participating in the program has
changed from predominantly white males to predominantly women and
minority males.

o The program supported five historically black colleges and universities
by awarding about $164,000 in fellowships to students at those institu-
tions under the FY 1984 competition.

C.    Costs, Benefits, and Effectiveness

Students Served: In FY 1984, ED awarded fellowship stipends based on
financial need up to a maximum of $4,500 per 12-month period. It also
allowed an institutional allowance of $3,900 per year for each fellowte 500 minority